Carbon Credits: How Ranchers Can Benefit From This Emerging Market

Long known to be a great way of offsetting emissions, purchasable carbon credits can be a great economic source for ranchers. However, they might wonder how their operations could do in this new and emerging market. We believe that it is up to the rancher to determine how producing and selling nature-based carbon credits can benefit them.  

There are many reasons why a company would want to reduce emissions and improve their carbon footprint. Ranchers can be an integral player in the carbon marketplace by providing credits for purchase through the nature of their operations. 

The following materials through the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management provide a thorough description and analysis of the carbon credit market. Everything you need to know and consider, including market and transactional risk, how carbon credit standards are written in contract, and various ways the carbon market is facilitated are all discussed in this free PDF and webinar

We encourage every rancher interested in producing and selling carbon credits to first inform themselves of the associated benefits and risks. 

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Macy Holmgren

Macy Holmgren is a Digital Marketing Intern at Redd Summit Advisors.

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