Pasture, Rangeland, And ForAGE Insurance

What is PRF insurance?

PRF is commonly referred to as “drought insurance”, but what it’s actually insuring is rainfall volatility. PRF insurance triggers indemnity payments when rainfall in your area is less than the 70-year average.

With Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) insurance you can cover grazing or haying acres, whether owned or leased, so you can be happy when it rains but have peace of mind when it doesn't.

How does PRF insurance work?

  • With PRF insurance, you can insure up to 90% of normal rainfall on your grazing or haying ground
  • Ranchers in all 48 contiguous states can utilize PRF insurance
  • Your land's rainfall data is based on a grid system that uses weather data reported through the NOAA, to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Your land is insured in two-month intervals

Have more questions about PRF insurance?

PRF insurance bar graph representing how much you get paid for operational rainfall deficit through PRF insurance.

Why should I choose Redd Summit Advisors for my PRF insurance?


We know the toll that a dry year can have on a ranch, and we have used this program to help hundreds of ranching operations nationwide, including our own!

Customer Support

Our agents and support representatives are dedicated to making PRF insurance easy for you! We minimize the paperwork and keep you up-to-date with detailed monthly statements throughout the year.


Our specialized, state of the art software allows us to analyze the historic rainfall data for your land and run thousands of scenarios to create a personalized policy that maximizes the program’s effectiveness, while minimizing your risk.

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PRF insurance by the numbers


Policies sold in 2021


Acres insured in 2021


Indemnities paid in 2020

All data courtesy of the RMA’s summary of business data


Where does the money come from?

PRF insurance is part of the Farm Bill. The United States Federal Government pays for part of the crop insurance premium.

When does the coverage start?

Your coverage will begin January 1 and is allocated throughout the year based on historic rainfall data in your area.

How do you create the best policy for me?

Redd Summit uses specialized software to generate hundreds of thousands of coverage possibilities for your land. You are then able to choose a policy that optimizes your coverage placement to maximize your potential benefit.

How is the rainfall measured?

Using NOAA CPC data, your area’s normal rainfall, and deviations from it, will be calculated. Using that data, your rainfall is then compared against the 70-year average for your area. When rainfall data is below the 70-year average, it then triggers indemnities on your policy!

When can I collect indemnities?

Your indemnities first go toward your premium. Once your premium is satisfied, any future indemnities come straight at you.

Why get PRF if disaster programs exist?

Disaster programs like LFP and NAP provided need-based assistance only during catastrophic weather events. PRF issues payments whenever rainfall in your area is lower than average during your coverage interval, meaning you can still receive coverage outside of drought conditions.

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pasture, rangeland, and forage insurance

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policies tailored to you

Ranchers insured through Redd Summit receive PRF insurance policies that are custom-built to their unique needs. With unique technology, your land can be thoroughly analyzed to generate hundreds of thousands of coverage possibilities. When you choose your PRF policy, you can be assured that your coverage is strategically placed to maximize the potential benefit to your operation.

the redd summit difference

With Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) insurance you can protect your operation from volatile rainfall and drought. But, rainfall on your land is unique, so why settle for a generic policy when you can receive one that is custom-made using state-of-the-art software, combined with 100 years of ranching expertise?

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Technology and experience

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You'll receive a policy that is built on over 100 years of combined ranching experience, and you can be assured that any policy offered to you is one that we would use on our own land.

Highly personalized
rainfall insurance policies

Your land will be run through hundreds of thousands of PRF policy scenarios in just a few minutes, so that you can choose a policy option that matches your unique needs, and maximizes your potential benefit.

better support

In addition to a custom PRF policy, you’ll receive year-round support and have access to add-ons, such as:

  • Monthly statements
  • Monthly weather reports from an in-house meteorologist
  • An in-house Ag Risk consultant
  • The ability to offload any paperwork onto us, so that you can focus on running your operation

Expert mapping of your land on Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage insurance

Your policy’s performance can be massively impacted by proper grid allocation. Your land will be precisely mapped by our GIS team and your policy will be based on the best possible grid.

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Find out how PRF would perform on your land this year without having to sign up!

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