Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Insurance

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The cattle markets are volatile

but your profits shouldn’t be.

Guarantee your market price without limiting your upside. Graph that shows the your upside is never limited, market price is locked in through LRP insurance, and below that is added to your calf check. If cattle prices drop, you get paid the price secured through your LRP policy.

What is LRP insurance?

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance is a federally subsidized program that allows producers to protect against declines in market prices, without sacrificing upside potential.

Through LRP insurance, cattle producers can lock in a floor price for their cattle and get paid an indemnity when market prices dip below this chosen price. Because LRP insurance is subsidized by the USDA, this coverage can be very affordable!

How does LRP Insurance work?

If market prices drop below your insured price before your cattle get to market, LRP insurance will help protect your investment without sacrificing upside potential!

  • LRP insurance through Redd Summit Advisors is available on both fed and feeder cattle
  • LRP insures the prices, not the animals
  • The prices insured through LRP are based on the USDA’s Agricultural Market Service, which  are updated almost daily
  • Endorsements can last anywhere between 13 and 52 weeks
  • Producers are able to market and sell livestock within 60 days of the end of the endorsement, but are not required to actually sell livestock insured
  • No minimum number of head required
  • Premiums are tax-deductible and not due until 30 days after the end of the endorsement period


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A policy can last anywhere between 13 and 52 weeks


Your policy ends and an indemnity is paid or a premium is due


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