5 Areas of Risk, Pre-Weaning Mortality, PRF Insurance

In every operation there are areas of risk that can create challenges to the long term survivability of your operation. These areas include legal, human, financial, production, and marketing risk. To know how these risks currently affect your operation, ask yourself questions such as: Am I actually profitable? How am I marketing my cattle? Am I creating a safe environment for my employees? 

In addition to these operational risks, our very own Ross Bronson joins the BCI Cattle Chat Podcast to talk about pre-weaning mortality rates of your calves and how Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) insurance can benefit you as you prepare for the new year. 

Tune in to this special episode to learn more!

If you have questions for our Ag Risk Consultant Ross Bronson, contact him at (208) 563-5584. 

Macy Holmgren

Macy Holmgren is a Digital Marketing Intern at Redd Summit Advisors.

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