Tell Your Story With the 2022 Census of Agriculture

If you’re a rancher or farmer, you have likely received information from the USDA asking you to participate in the 2022 Census of Agriculture. The Ag Census is conducted every five years and all agricultural operations with sales of at least $1,000 in agricultural products in 2022 can participate. Anyone who didn’t receive a survey can request one by signing up here on the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) website.

What does the Ag Census Do for American Agriculture?

The goal of the Ag Census is to tell the story and show the value of U.S. agriculture. It surveys land use and ownership, operator characteristics, production practices, income, and expenditures. It also provides detailed information about agriculture at all state, county, and territory levels and accounts for operations in U.S. states and Puerto Rico.

Besides providing demographic information, the results collected from the census help policy makers determine how to divide funding amongst public programs and decide how to administer programs more effectively. In 2022, the survey contains additional questions about precision agriculture, hemp production, hair sheep, and internet access.

According to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the census “is a powerful voice for American agriculture. The information gathered through the ag census influences policy decisions that will have a tremendous impact on ag producers and their communities for years to come.”

How Do I Complete the Ag Census?

You can fill out the questionnaire you received in December either online or by email. Follow the instructions in the mailing and call 1-800-727-9540 if you have any questions. You are required, by law, to complete the Ag Census and responses are due by February 6, 2023. All responses are confidential and no personally identifiable information about you or your operation will be shared.

If you don’t complete the census, you may receive follow-up mailings, a call from the USDA, or an in-person visit from a census representative. All census results will be released in early 2024.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ag Census, visit

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