Why should I choose Redd Summit Advisors for my PRF insurance?


We know the toll that a dry year can have on a ranch, and we have used this program to help hundreds of ranching operations nationwide, including our own!

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Our agents and support representatives are dedicated to making PRF insurance easy for you! We minimize the paperwork and keep you up-to-date with detailed monthly statements throughout the year.


Our specialized, state of the art software allows us to analyze the historic rainfall data for your land and run thousands of scenarios to create a personalized policy that maximizes the program’s effectiveness, while minimizing your risk.

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PRF insurance by the numbers


Policies sold in 2021


Acres insured in 2021


Indemnities paid in 2020

All data courtesy of the RMA’s summary of business data

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When does PRF coverage start?

Coverage begins on January 1 and is allocated throughout the calendar year based on the historic rainfall data in your area.

How do you create the best policy for me?

We use our unique technology to analyze 70 years of rainfall data on your land. This, combined with our ranching expertise allows us to make a custom policy that will benefit you the most.

How do I qualify for PRF?

If you have cattle, you probably qualify for PRF insurance.

When can I collect indemnities?

Your indemnities first go toward your premium. Once your premium is satisfied, any future indemnities come straight to you.

Is PRF only for western states?

No! It’s based on your local area's long term average so it doesn’t really matter what region you’re in. If you’re drier than average, your policy will have an indemnity.

Can I participate in FSA programs and PRF at the same time?

Yes, PRF Insurance can be used along with FSA assistance programs.

still have questions?

Why get PRF if disaster programs exist?

PRF is insurance issues payments automatically when you incur a loss due to lower-than-average precipitation. Public disaster programs that provide assistance only based on perceived need. Why not have both?

How is the rainfall measured?

NOAA calculates rainfall data at your four closest rain stations. Data is finalized 60-80 days after the end of a coverage interval. After this, the AIPs apply appropriate indemnity amounts or issue checks if your premium is paid off.

Can I use NAP or disaster relief programs and also get PRF insurance?

Yes! They are different programs. You can benefit from both at the same time!

What if I lease my ground? Can I still get insurance?

Yes! We just need documentation of the lease agreement.

If there is a wet year and we owe money, can we finance the remaining premium we owe?

Most insurance companies offer payment plans if a premium is owed.

Why choose Redd Summit as your PRF provider?

With Redd Summit's specialty software, you can be assured that your coverage is strategically placed to optimize your policy's performance and maximize its potential benefit to your operation.

How can insurance protect you from financial loss?

By offering financial means outside your normal yearly budget when you need the capital most! This helps avoid coming up with needed funds to address situations such as buying forage, or the need to sell livestock or other needed equipment to avoid or cover those unexpected expenditures.

How are agents paid?

Agents are paid a commission based on the premium of your policy.

What is a GIS Grid?

Approximately 11x22 mile area used to help identify coverage for PRF purposes. This is what will be considered your “local area” and used for measuring precipitation.

How much does PRF insurance cost?

That is based on your county values assigned by the USDA. It can vary.

How do I grow more forage?

Through pasture improvement and quality management practices, like not over grazing and proper pasture rest. I can surely help with that.

What conditions characterize sustainable grazing conditions?

Sustainable grazing conditions are conditions where both livestock and wildlife can feed without detriment to habitat and soils. These are conditions where average long term forage volatility is reduced through quality management practices.

Where do PRF indemnity payments come from?

The check that you’ll receive for your indemnity payments come from your insurance provider. However, the money itself comes from the USDA’s subsidy of PRF and is administered by the USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA).

Does PRF always pay out?

No, but an agent can give you an estimate of how often you might owe a premium.

What kind of land can I insure with PRF?

PRF insurance can be applied to any acreage that you run on, whether owned or leased. 

Can my agent give me a better rate or discount on my premium?

An agent cannot, by law, give a discount on your premium. All premium rates and commission rates are predetermined by the RMA division of the USDA. However, an agent can set your PRF policy up in a way that maximizes your potential for benefit and minimizes your risk.

What can I use PRF indemnity payments for?

Any indemnity payment received from your PRF insurance policy are yours to use as you see fit. Some ranchers supplement their forage costs, while others purchase replacement heifers or simply contribute to their savings accounts.

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