noaa rainfall data

noaa rainfall data

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage insurance is based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rainfall data reported for your specific area.

NOAA rainfall stations comprise a national network of stations scattered across the US to record and transmit weather data directly to the NOAA Climate Prediction Center (CPC).

Geographical map of a region in the United States with green dots representing NOAA rainfall stations, which record rainfall data. Your PRF insurance policy is based on this rainfall data.

Redd Summit Relies on Rainfall Data to Optimize Your PRF Insurance Policy

With Redd Summit Advisors, your land can be run through industry-leading software that analyzes and interprets your land’s rainfall data with respect to its coinciding grids to generate hundreds of thousands of coverage possibilities.

You are then able to choose a custom-built policy that strategically allocates your coverage to maximize PRF insurance’s potential benefit to your operation.

How is Rainfall Data Collected and Reported for Your PRF Policy?

Before we dive into how rainfall data is collected on your PRF policy, understanding grid allocation and coverage intervals will be important.

  • All land in the United States is divided into approximately 13 x 17 mile grids
  • The coverage on your land is strategically placed with respect to your land’s grids, or the grids in which your land falls
  • Rainfall data for each of these grids is reported during your selected two-month coverage intervals (Jan - Feb, Mar - Apr, etc.)
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how do the rainfall stations work?

Rainfall data is collected from the 4 weather reporting stations that are closest to the center of each grid in which you have placed your PRF coverage. Although it's important to note that each of these stations do not record daily, instead data is collected from a different station each day.

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  • Rainfall data for each grid is collected from 4 weather reporting stations in the area that are closest to its center
  • Rainfall data is collected  by NOAA’s CPC, and compared against the grid’s 70-year average to determine if it was historically normal, above average, or below average

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  • If the grid’s rainfall data is determined to be below average, you’ll receive an indemnity on average 60-80 days after the end of the interval 
  • If your grid(s) rainfall data is determined to be above average or normal your coverage will not be triggered for that interval
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  • PRF insurance is USDA subsidized, making the US government responsible for a portion of your premium
  • If your indemnities cover your premium in full, you will not owe a balance, meaning you’ll receive coverage with no cost out of pocket!
  • Once your indemnities cover your premium, any remaining payment will go straight to you to use however you choose!

Find Out How a PRF Insurance Policy Would Perform On Your Land

All we need to analyze your area’s rainfall data is your allotment address and the number of acres that you run on (remember they can be owned or leased!). You can receive a no-obligation policy preview by filling out our online form.

Or, you can call us at (435) 625-1022 to speak with an agent and find out exactly how it would work on your operation. You can also watch this “PRF Basics” webinar to learn more about the PRF insurance program.

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