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Your map is more than décor. Your agent will use this map of your land to build your PRF policy too!

A map of Redd Summit

Your map matters. Here's why:

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) insurance is a USDA subsidized insurance program that enables ranchers to collect cash indemnities when rainfall in their area is below the 70-year historic average during their coverage intervals.

With an accurate map of your land, your PRF agent can precisely identify which grids your land falls into 

Your agent can then determine your best-performing grids under PRF insurance coverage

Finally, your agent will strategically place your coverage into these grids to optimize your PRF policy’s performance!

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Map of Redd Summit land in Colorado and Utah in the United States.


Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance is a USDA subsidized program that was created to help you, the livestock producer, sustain your operation through periods of low precipitation. With PRF Insurance coverage, you can receive cash indemnities when precipitation on your land falls below average to supplement your assumed loss in forage growth. You can use this money however you see fit, whether that be sustaining your operation or putting your kids through college!

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"PRF Insurance helped maintain our herd size. It even increased a little during dry years."

Dennis W Jones

"PRF through Redd Summit has greatly improved our operation in a short time by balancing cash flow ebbs and flows that were due to dry spells. Redd Summit is great to work with and diligent in answering any questions that we might have."

Jacob Doonan