Steve Redd

Owner, Agent

Steve Redd, owner of Redd Summit, has used the program for years to benefit his ranch’s bottom line and risk management goals. With a ranch on big country in the dry west, he understands perhaps how PRF insurance can be used to benefit ranchers.

“I’ve been through the dry years and wet years; I deal with the BLM, Forest Service and other agencies. I get how challenging it is to manage risk on a cattle operation… it can be a very fine line, and I’ve come in south of the profitability line before. I love showing my neighbors how good this can be for them. I cannot, and absolutely will not, help anyone sign up for a policy that I personally wouldn’t sign up for. I need it to be heavily stacked in the rancher’s favor or I will not do it! I want my customers to be life-long friends.”

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