Brent Wilhelm


My family has had a storied past in both ranching and farming. I can trace my roots back to some of the earliest European settlers in 1730s and find connections in almost every wave of westward expansion through the late 1800's. Almost all of these ancestors had some connection to working the land to provide for their family. These hard working men and women have passed on through the generations a love of the land which my family shares today.  

I was born and raised in Dallam County Texas in an area that was once part of the historic XIT Ranch and later the infamous Dust Bowl of the 1930s. I can't help but wonder if the risk management tools that we have available today would have helped the folks of the past weather the storm through all of the blizzards, droughts, and wild price swings that make up the most difficult part of this lifestyle that we all love.  

Contact me today to learn how PRF and LRP insurance can help your operation deal with the future uncertainty of weather and cattle prices and ultimately help your family stay on the land.  

Start ranching with security todaY

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